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Madavoorpara [Kerala’s Unique Natural & Cultural Treasure]

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Madavoorpara is the best place to relax and free your mind from all tensions.

If you are searching for a place where you can reduce your stress.

It’s located close to Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala this place is perfect for the getaway you’ve been secretly yearning for.

Kaniyapuram railway station is the very nearby railway station to Madavoorpara.

This place is a unique natural treasure if you plan to visit Thiruvananthapuram then you must once visit Madavoorpara.

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Madavoorpara Kerala's Unique Natural Treasure

Madavoorpara Kerala’s Unique Natural Treasure.

The daily grind of urban life takes a toll on all of us. But in God’s own country there are places where rustic calm can eliminate every element of stress.

These sites are gems the locals cherish, and they are slowly being discovered by tourists.

Madavoorpara is a prime example of this kind, a rocky hill that seems to kiss the clouds.

The area is shaped like an uruli, a Kerala wok made of bell metal and lies 300 feet above sea level. On it stands an ancient temple.

Sri Parameswaran reigns supreme here, and his abode takes 33 steps to reach.

As devotees carefully make their ascent a strong breeze accompanies them.

You can relax at the summit, soak yourself in the loving wind, or spend time in the bamboo-built recreation center.

Visitors can take a breather, and enjoy the natural beauty around them.

Madavoorpara Bamboo Bridge

There is also a massive bamboo bridge here that is a marvel to behold.

It is a remarkable creation, that blends aesthetic appeal with functionality.

A walk along this bridge takes you all the way to the top of the rock, where you can feel the cool embrace of the clouds.

The clouds appear within kissing distance and the air around is as fresh as it can get.

An aura of lightness and freedom is what endears this spot to all visitors.

The powerful wind and verdant scenery will truly overpower your senses.

The people of the area cling to certain old traditions that have survived the onslaught of modern civilization.

This includes making pappads, forging iron weapons, and weaving palm leaves to make thatched roofs.

A sense of oneness with Nature is inescapable here.

Santhigiri Ashram Madavoorpara

Nearby Madavoorpara you can see Santhigiri Ashram, a white lotus carved out from marble.

An architectural marvel, it also supports a self-sufficient community.

A gentle trek from here takes you to Vellanikkalpara, where Nature alone is the gatekeeper.

The sheer greenery of the place is overwhelmingly beautiful.

This new realm of peace awaits you, ready to fill your heart and mind with true wonder and delight.

If you have any questions or queries about the Madavoorpara then you can ask it on the comment box and make sure to keep your nature clean and green.

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