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Coconut Palm – Kerala’s Tree Of Life [State Tree Of Kerala]

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If you want to know the importance and use of Coconut palm.

You are on the right page!

Here in this article, I explained the use and importance of the Coconut palm tree.

The coconut tree is a member of the palm family and it’s known as the state tree of Kerala.

The coconut tree is one of the oldest trees, coconut has been used by humans for thousands of years.

In India especially in the Kerala coconut tree and its products is completely utilized as furniture, health drink, fertilizer, and many more way.

Here we discuss all ways how coconut palm tree is used in Kerala in different ways.

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Coconut Palm Tree - State Tree Of Kerala

Coconut Palm Tree – State Tree Of Kerala

Coconut palm the green splendor that attracts all is the signature and pride of Kerala and standing tall amidst this lush foliage is one of the wonders of the world in the realm of flora.

Even the smallest fiber it yields is a raw material that can create world-class commodities.

That is why the coconut tree is looked upon with admiration as a natural resource that has given birth to more than 400 products that are exported to 136 countries.

Small wonder its reputation has become so formidable, to begin with, the relevance of coconut palm is that it caters to one of the necessities of life food.

The oil extracted from dried coconut kernel imparts scent goodness and flavor to food items enjoyed all over the world.

Coconut milk squeezed out of raw coconut and grated coconut are indispensable ingredients in curries and savories.

The colonel of tender coconut called Karikku in local parlance is very tasty it is also turned into value-added products like ice creams and puddings

Perhaps the coconut palm is one of the rare trees that can produce both types of natural beverages one with and the other without intoxicating effects.

There is now a third drink called Lera sourced from it.

Coconut timber can be used to make natural furniture and to carry out small-scale construction works.

When these beautiful wood pieces are converted to fabulous long-lasting items of furniture they enhance the beauty of the ambiance.

Another attractive feature is that the confidence of knockdown and semi knockdown furniture can be disassembled or folded and transported to any location in every part of a house.

Or a cottage, walls, pillars, roofs, plywood panels can be manufactured from coconut trees.

Coir products

The fame of coconut trees spread with the export of Coir and Coir products.

Coconut husk fiber can be spun into numerous items of coil ropes, mats of different shapes, and sizes of mattresses all with different users.

There are other products too like Goyageotextiles that aid agriculture by preventing soil erosion.

Handicrafts carved out from coconut husks and shells decorate the interiors of houses and offices all over the world.

In addition to coconut husks, sawdust from coconut wood is also used to make cups and pots for growing ornamental plants.

Another fact is that organic fertilizers produced from coconut husk and other so-called useless parts of the tree are in high demand.

The Koya industry is one of the avenues that has given employment to women for many centuries.

The advent of new machines like those used for coconut tree climbing has increased women’s job opportunities.

In fact, women are at the forefront in all the ancillary production units and nurseries.

Thus the coconut palm has played an exemplary role in women’s empowerment.

In the olden day’s houses in Kerala sported thatched roofs made by waving coconut palm leaves.

But even today such shade and cool giving roofs can be spotted in many places as decorations.

The old-fashioned Iron boxes are still the best and making garments look neat and crease-free thanks to red hot charcoal from coconut shells.

Priceless Ayurvedic formulations are prepared from the same coconut inflorescence that grants a means of living to the lowest income group of the society.

The toddy tappers thickened coconut coir syrup has been used as a postpartum care medicine for centuries among Malayalees.

Now the latest study has found that the impact of tsunamis was least felt in shores fringed with coconut palms.

In one form or another from palm leaf toys that gave color to our childhood two items used in religious practices customs traditions and daily use.

This special tree has always been an integral part of our life, in short, the coconut palm is simply irreplaceable.

If you have any questions or queries about the Coconut Palm then you can ask it on the comment box and make sure to keep your nature clean and green.

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