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Top 2 Most Famous Dance Of Kerala

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If you are searching for cultures Dance of Kerala.

You are on the right page!

Kerala is most famous for its cultures, Here in this article I explain the 2 most famous dance cultures of Kerala.

In Kerala lots of dance cultures are available but all are not famous in the world.

From the huge list of dance culture of Kerala I pic the most famous 2 dance of Kerala.

Which is famous worldwide and performed in most of the cultural stage shows.

The name famous dance of Kerala is Mohiniyattam and Kathakali.

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Famous Cultural Dance Of Kerala

Famous Cultural Dance Of Kerala.

Mohiniyattam and Kathakali is the most famous cultural dance of Kerala.

These two art is very difficult to perform and tack lot’s of time to learn this cultural dance.

It’s a very handful to perform these two dance performances error-free for experienced artists.

Need several months of practice to perform these two dance performances.

The costume of both dances is different, but Mohiniyattam and Kathakali are performed with facial expression.

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Mohiniyattam Dance Of Kerala

Mohiniyattam Cultural Dance Of Kerala

Mohiniyattam literally means the dance of enchantress It is a very beautiful and graceful feminine art form.

In Mohiniyattam we have pure dance and also expression we use hand gestures, movements, and facial expressions to convey the meaning.

Mohiniyattam is performing based on the eyes, the lips, face, and movement of the body.

Another unique feature of Mohiniyattam is its costume.

To perform Mohiniyattam they wear a white or off-white dress with a colored or golden colored border.

The hair will be tied up on the left side or in the back and decorate with jasmine flowers.

The Music of Mohiniyattam is very soothing and the movements are quite slow but very graceful.

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Kathakali Dance Of Kerala

Kathakali Cultural Dance Of Kerala

Kathakali:- Katha means the story Kali means dance or play. So Kathakali is a kind of dance and drama.

The almost same pattern of hand gestures is using in Kathakali like Mohiniyattam.

But in an elaborated way, Kathakali is a highly codified art form.

The facial makeup and costumes of Kathakali are very heavy and stylized.

You can see the structure of the white color under the cheeks of some Kathakali performers. That is called Chutti.

Putting these Chutti and facial makeup is considered as a separate art form.

The dress or the costume of Kathakali is designed according to the nature of each character.

There are heroes, villains or demons, female characters, saints, and non-human characters.

So totally Kathakali is a very detailed visual and intricate art form.

The percussions used in Kathakali are Chenda, Maddalam, Chengila, and Ilathalam.

If you have any questions or queries about the Dance of Kerala then you can ask it in the comment box and make sure to keep your nature clean and green.

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