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10+ Hidden Basic Facts About Kerala

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There is already one article available for Facts About Kerala and more information, the second one is here.

Kerala has a lot of hidden facts that are not explored, here are some of them.

Basic Facts About Kerala

The facts will be shown here, you might have not heard before, so Get set to come through unknown basic facts about Kerala.

Kerala is one of the most developed states in India and it is holding the highest ratio of literacy in the whole of India.

Kerala is considered one of the most beautiful and cleanest states of India.

If we combine all kinds of assets, then Padmanabhaswamy temple which is situated in Kerala is the richest.

The First Masjid of India was built in Thrissur in Kerala in 629 AD i.e. in the 7th century and the First Church of India was built in Kerala.

You will be surprised to know that Kerala is only the state in India, which is holding 100 % of the population who know primary education, and apart from this 95% population of Kerala is fully educated which is the highest ratio in India.

The art of living of Kerala people is considered as the finest art of living in comparison of all other states of India, there is no violation between the communities which is not shown in any other state of India and it is the proudest virtue of Kerala.

You can imagine the progress and development of Kerala that every village of Kerala has banks and hospitals so people do not have to ask for medical or financial help from other states and it may be the major reason for the fewer death of Kerala people and considering this facts and data, Kerala is the number 1 State of India.

The growth rate of population in Kerala is the least and the greatest thing of here is that the Ladies are fully empowered in terms of rights and there is the reason they have put themselves at the first number in the top category’s states of India.

basic facts about kerala

Another amazing fact of Kerala is that where women are more than men and which is very good for a state because women can grow the life better than men.

People of Kerala live the longest life in India and the corruption ratio of Kerala is minimal in comparison to all other states of India.

After coming through these kinds of amazing facts, you won’t believe the next fact that despite being the most developed state of India, Kerala has the maximum number of Suicide people compared to other states of India.

The reason behind this is that Kerala has the maximum number of educated people and employment is not much more that can fill their talent and unemployed people are too much and that’s why they relocate to the middle east countries like Dubai and the countries of Saudi Arabia.

Since ancient times the coastline of Kerala was considered to be very famous for business from outside countries and you know very well how much Kerala is very famous for the Tourism and more than 1,00,00,000 people are visiting Kerala as Tourist.

Kerala is the one and the only state of India where Ayurveda is considered an Art and too much gold is transected in the occasions of marriage.

There are more than 700 elephants in Kerala which are owned by either temples or people.

Mandir, Masjid, and Church are together in Kerala and the proudest matter is that there is not a single state of India which has this kind of wonder.

Population Ratio in terms of Region in Kerala:

Hindu: 50%

Muslim: 30%

Christians: 20%

So, how are these Basic Facts About Kerala, what do you think, were you aware of all or some of these facts?

Kindly let us know in the comment section!

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