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Vishu Festival – New Year of Kerala

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India is a country full of Festivals and every state has its own culture including festivals. Obviously, this website is dedicated to Kerala.

So we will explore one very interesting festival in Kerala.

The name of that festival is Vishu Festival is which celebrated in Kerala.

Vishu Festival

Vishu Festival – First Festival of Kerala Year

Vishu is the ancient festival of Kerala, and it is New Year’s Day for the people of Kerala.

This festival is celebrated on the first date of Malayalam month and the Vishu festival is considered a symbol of good arrival and good luck.
This day is a public holiday in Kerala.

There is also a belief that paddy sowing starts from this day in Kerala and Kerala as well as Malayalam, this day is considered as the beginning of the new year.

In a way, it is not just the festival of Malayalam people, it is celebrated in different names in different states of India.

In Assam, people consider it as Pihu and in Punjab, it is celebrated as Baisakhi.

Vishu Festival

The customs and rituals of celebrating it in each state are different and unique.

Vishu festival is the most prominent festival in South India, and it is widely celebrated in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

It is a traditional and new year for the residents of these states.
People living in this state speak the Malayalam language and Vishu Parva is also known as Malayalam New Year.

According to Indian astrology, Vishu Utsav Divas signifies the zodiac Aries of the Sun cycle.

Astronomically, this festival represents Varna Vishu form, which is why Vishu Utsav Divas is considered as Varnan.

The date of the Vishu festival is usually April.

Vishu Festival

This holy festival of Vishu is also called South Indian Vibhu or Puthandu because in India these festivals are celebrated in other states on the same date.

Because it is the new year of Malayalam, people pray and wish for a bright future for the coming year and time.

In these times, farmers sow new crops and pray to God for a good harvest.

Old Mythological Stories for Vishu Festival

Many mythological stories are also behind the celebration of the Vishu festival.

According to one of these stories, Vishu is the same day when Lord Vishnu killed an asura named Narakasura.

According to another belief, the Vishu festival is celebrated as the return of Suryadev.

According to the folklore of Ravana Rakshasa Raja, Mahabali Chakravarti Emperor King Ravana prohibited Suryadeva from exiting.

It is said that from the day of Vishu after the death of Ravana, the sun started rising again from the east and since then Vishu is celebrated with great celebration.

Vishu means “equal” in the Sanskrit language.

In Kerala, this day is equal to night and day and that is why it is also celebrated as Vishu of this day.

Just as told that Vishu means “equal” in Sanskrit, this day is celebrated to worship Lord Vishnu and Lord Shri Krishna.

There is a belief in Kerala that this festival i.e. the beginning of a new year should be done by looking at an auspicious thing or event.

And its preparation is done on the eve of the Vishu festival.

For this, Jog keeps good fruits, flowers, holy books, etc. in a good pot and keeps it near the idol or image of Lord Krishna, so that in the morning, the first sight falls beyond that and the auspicious start of the new year.

All this is done by the lady of the house, which is to be done on the next evening of the Vishu festival.

On the day of the Vishu festival, the eldest member of the house gets up one by one and puts his hands on their eyes, and takes them to the worship house, they are first presented to Lord Krishna.

Vishu Festival

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