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Unknown Facts about Padmanabhaswamy Temple

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Padmanabhaswamy Temple is called the wonder of India.

You would be surprised to know that Padmanabhaswamy Temple has the potential to fluctuate the economy of India as well.

There are too many facts are unknown about this temple that is going to be explored here.

Facts about Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Only people of the Hindu religion can enter this temple.

Men must wear white dhoti and women to wear saree.

The use of cameras inside the temple is forbidden and that is why the photographs inside this temple could not be available on the internet to date.

So what is its specialty, is this temple made of gold?


Is there a precious metal statue inside it?

Of course not!!

Padmanabhaswamy Temple

After all, what is there in this temple, and in what quantity it is, has the potential to change the economy of India.

In the amount of property that this temple has, an ultra-modern hospital can be constructed in all the districts of India and a national highway of about 14,000 km can be constructed.

If every citizen of India distributes this property in equal parts, every citizen will get Rs.20,000.

This property is such that countries like Switzerland and Singapore can also be bought.

So where is this treasure?

Hidden 7 Doors

It is situated somewhere in the womb, just below the statue of Lord Vishnu, installed in the center of the temple.

T. V Sudanaraj, a former officer of intelligence bureau India, filed a petition to make the temple property public in Highcourt.

On 30 June 2011, on the order of the Supreme Court, a committee of 6 people entered the womb of the temple and named the 7 doors available on it.


Padmanabhaswamy Temple

After 1 month i.e. 31 July 2011 the court circulated the order to open these doors and evaluate the property.

Many gold jewelry, gold jewelry, gold thread-woven garments, 4-foot long necklaces, diamonds in many large sacks, gold-plated precious gems, jewel-studded crowns, gold-framed statues, and even more valuable assets were found on opening the doors.

In this entire treasure, only the weight of gold was measured more than 1000 kg.

On evaluation, its physical value was estimated at 1 lakh 20 thousand crores (12,00,00,00,00,000), But this property was hundreds of years old, so its historical valuation can be considered 10 times because the value of an item created or used by a man increases with time.

Out of these 7 gates, 1 door was such that it was not opened because it seemed to the surveyors that this door was constructed to protect the remaining 6 doors.

Hence, it concluded that water from the backside of the door would be filled, then the entire sanctum would be filled with water, and not only that, the entire center of the temple could collapse into the ground, and the entire temple could be broken and converted into ruins.

This door was built so that if any outsider wants to attack and robber this treasure and open this door, then the entire temple would get destroyed so that this treasure would not be robbed by anyone.

To make the door frightening, the serpent was sculpted on this door and many stories were made about the mystery of this door so that no one would attempt to open the door.

How the wealth and assets came

Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Now the question is how all this wealth was stored in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.

Raja Martand Varma was the founder of the Travancore empire in about 1700 AD ie, in 1700 AD.

With his strategy, he converted the Travanco empire into a commercial area by combining many surrounding areas, With his strategy, he converted the Travanco empire into a commercial area by combining many surrounding areas, where people from far and wide used to bring precious jewels and gold coins to buy Ayurvedic medicines, Swadist spices, and dried fruits.

Within a few years, King Marthanda Varma got so much wealth, that he was afraid of his safety.

Lord Vishnu appeared in a dream and suggested its way.

In 1750 AD, King Marthanda Varma, freeing himself from the position of king, proclaimed himself a lifelong servant of Lord Vishnu, laid the foundation of the construction of the Padmanabha temple.

First, whatever property they had, they were collected by building secret gates below the ground and the temple was built around it, forming the base of these secret doors.

An idol of Padmanabha Mudra of Lord Vishnu was installed just above this sanctum sanctorum.

At present, 93 generations of King Martand Verma reside as servants of this temple.

But now after knowing about this treasure, the security and operation of the place are being carried out by the Government of India.

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