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MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review Latest USA 2022

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MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner: MI is hiking day by day with unexpected growth. MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner is too much more than we expected for its technology.

Even if you are very conscious about the cleanness of your home or office, you can not keep cleaning your home or office continuously for a whole day, right?

In this case, you have to hire a maid or a cleaner who repeats the task of cleaning with a significant frequency of time during the day.

And it is not sure till how long he or she will work.

This is the biggest barrier in your work and you might be thinking that this is tends to impossible to avoid.

But let me tell you, you are totally wrong.

Yes, I am telling 100% truth.


Let’s Explore!

What is Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot Vacuum Cleaner is Totally AI (Artificial Intelligence) Vacuum cleaner which decides everything itself.

Where to clean, how to clean, is there any gap, or barrier to move on or not, how much dust and everything.

When it is going to discharge, it goes to its charging station and plug itself in charging.

It will not wait for your command.

It moves in entire room and clean each and every dust particle, dry and wet.

Robot Vacuum cleaner will not ask you or wait for your command to know where it should go because it is fixed in it in form of MAP prior you start it.

MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner

It detects every object coming in its way and skip it.

In this article, we are going to review a very smart robot vacuum cleaner and it is MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner- Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner of 2021

First of all if we talk about pricing, I am feeling very excited to share that its price is too budget friendly.

In this time, Dyson, and other most popular companies are selling the robot vacuum cleaner more than $470.00 where as MI is giving a very better quality robot vacuum cleaner with the starting of around $350.

There is a wide range of it, but you can more than enough features in around $350-$400.

According to the users’ review, MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner cleans the home very very very nicely, even its not enough if we say that it cleans our home more nicely than we expect.

mi robot vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi Mi Smart Automated Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1st Generation

  • Map generation, path planning
  • Brushless motor
  • Cover an area maximum 250 square meters
view on amazon

You will be seeing all the sensors made with advanced technology, it’s very intelligent and smart that everyone who will order this will love it.

A very tricky question must be raised in your mind that this MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner will fall down from the Step ladders or will not able to climb the Step ladder, right?

Then, the answer it, nothing will happen anything about you thinking.

It is completely able to climb the Step ladders and the advanced sensors will notify it about finishing the surface and it will take U-turn where it will feel the blank.

If you have bedspread the carpet in your home, this robot vacuum cleaner will detect it and work accordingly.

It detects it self that it is on carpet or on the marble surface, isn’t it amazing?

It will not only clean the dry garbage, if you want to clean your home with water, then there is a small tank of water in which you can fill the water and it will use that water to make your home cleaner.

MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner

One thing I want to mention that it can not replace the cleaning quality of human efforts.


There is a solution of it.

If you make work with the robot vacuum cleaner continuously, you will definitely be near to very close quality of human work.

One Very Awesome Feature

Are you feeling surprised?

Don’t be, because it is true that it cleans the under surface of the bed, but there is one condition, that the space between the surface and bed’s down edge must be greater than the height of MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

And why this feature is very awesome?

Because you know that your maid would not doing this on daily basis, right?

So this advantage is mostly liked by each user of this vacuum cleaner.

Schedule the cleaning

This MI Robot Vacuum cleaner enables you to schedule the cleaning activity at the time whenever you want.

Even if you are not at home, as the scheduled time arrives, it will start cleaning by not waiting of anyone’s order or command.

It creates the map of your home by mentioning where are certain luggage, or where is a blank surface, ladders, tables and evrerything.

Auto Charging System

As it has created the map in its database, it knows where the charging point is located.

Whenever its battery will about to die, it will automatically detect the charging point and will move there and put itself in charging without anyone’s help.

MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Battery Life

Average battery life of this MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner is 1 to 2 hours per charge, which depends on the speed and torque that you are applying.

This is more than enough according to the user’s experience.

Now let’s see the cons of this MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner.


If there are some wires are lying on the surface, it will skip them and clean the around area.

And we can not consider this as a con because, it’s a robot, not human that will remove the wires and will clean the surface 🙂

Second cons, that also is not supposed to be considered as a con, that you will have to refill the small water tank often due to its small size.


If you want to remove the monthly charges which you are paying any cleaner only for cleaning your home or office, then you should definitely order the MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner very soon.

It has almost all cleaning features which we expect in a human servant or cleaner and its price is very minimal.

I am saying its price minimal because we are investing only one time and it will work till a very long time.

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