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Best Honeymoon Places In Kerala [Romantic Places]

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If you are searching for the best honeymoon places in Kerala.

You are on the right page!

Here I share the details of the best honeymoon places in Kerala where you can spend the most memorable movement of your life.

Hello, friends welcome to another fresh article of “”, Here in this article I shared 3 amazing honeymoon places in Kerala.

Newly married couples never want to miss the Honeymoon period in any condition.

This article will help you to plan your honeymoon perfectly.

As you know there are many well-known places for honeymoon like Kashmir, Kullu Manali, and many more.

But have you explored the South Places?

Most of the people are planning to enjoy their honeymoon on the north side.

But you won’t believe it, there are several places in Kerala, India which will let you forget the North India Honeymoon places.

Yes, It’s Damn True!

Honeymoon Places In Kerala

Best Honeymoon Places In Kerala.

Many places in Kerala are too perfect to enjoy the Honeymoon and make it memorable forever.

If you search in Google “Best Honeymoon Places in India”, then you will find only the North India portion because they are trending for a long time.

But believe me, guys once you visit Kerala you will forget all other places and you always suggest to everyone Kerala is the best place to enjoy the honeymoon.

After exploring these places, you will thank us for keeping these places in your mind!

List Of Best Honeymoon Places In Kerala

Sl No.Honeymoon Places
1Chembra Peak, Wayanad
2Treehouse and Athirapally
3Rocky Promenade, Kovalam

So, without wasting time, Let’s explore the Best Honeymoon Places in Kerala!

Chembra Peak, Wayanad.

The largest fortress in Wayanad is Chembra Peak and it is one of the best honeymoons destinations in Kerala.

On the way to the top, there is also a natural heart lake the water of the lake does not dry up.

To reach the top of the lake, you need to walk and walk through the forest several times.

The lake is beautiful because it is covered with snow and fog.

It is a good position to spend time as a couple.

Here we offer beautiful Wayanad sightseeing tours to the top of Kerala.

Wayanad has many attractions besides Puncak Kebra.

Honeymoon Places In Kerala

Treehouse and Athirapally

Athirappilly is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kerala, a popular and tourist destination.

The Atila Pilee Tree House offers unique and spectacular views of the waterfalls that flow smoothly in the middle of the forest.

You may be interested in the beautiful water that disappears.

When the sun goes down, relax in the park.

You can also see bad rain while swimming in the pool in the opposite direction.

This is one of the treasures of Kerala, a beautiful destination for your honeymoon.

Kerala Honeymoon Places

Rocky Promenade, Kovalam

The rugged Kovalam beaches are the perfect place for honeymooners.

Couples can have fun on the mountain ranges that fall from the beach to the sea.

A couple of explorers are busy during their vacation on special mountains, visiting fishing villages, watching cultural performances, and hiking in the coastal mountains.

Spend the day in this beach village. – A rich Kovalam is a great idea.

The mountain offers a beautiful view of the Kovalam Lighthouse.

Couples can enjoy swimming in the cool ocean waters.

Choose the luxury package of Kerala and stay at Leela Kovalam Beach Resort and you will enjoy it.

In addition, you can enjoy the sun and herbal massage in Ayurveda.

Enjoy a wonderful holiday at one of the beautiful beaches of Kovalam, Kerala.


Honeymoon is one of the best periods during our short life and no one should miss it till the possibility ends.

As mentioned earlier, there are lots of places for a honeymoon in India, but you should choose a different one than the world, is it wrong? 🙂

We are supposed to define Kerala as one of the best places for Honeymoon enjoyment and there are too many hotels to stay in also.

If you have any questions or queries about the best honeymoon places in Kerala then you can ask it on the comment box. and make sure to keep your nature clean and green.

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