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History and facts about Guruvayoor Temple

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Guruvayoor Temple is a famous Hindu temple in Kerala, dedicated to Lord Krishna.

This ancient temple has been attracting everyone’s attention for many centuries and this temple is worshiped in the form of Guruvayoor of Shri Krishna.

Which is actually the child form of Lord Krishna.

History of Guruvayoor Temple

Apart from this, 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu are also depicted in this temple.

The idol installed in the temple is an unmatched specimen of the sculpture and it is believed that this statue was handed over to Lord Bhishma by Lord Vishnu.

The sanctum sanctorum of Guruvayoor temple has 4 cubits of the image of Bhavana Shri Krishna.

God has taken the conch in one hand and the Sudarshan Chakra in the other hand, while God has been holding the lotus in the third and fourth hand.

Guruvayoor Temple

Religious inscriptions about the Guruvayoor temple describe its significance.

According to one legend, Lord Krishna established the idol in Dwarka.
Once when there was a severe flood in Dwarka, this idol was swept away, and Jupiter found a floating idol of Lord Krishna.

He saved this idol with the help of Vayu and started searching for a proper place on earth to install the statue in the proper place.

At the same time, he reached present-day Kerala where he was shown by Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati.

Guruvayoor Temple

Lord Shiva said that this place is the most suitable, and this is where the idol should be installed, then Guru and Vayu anointed this and established this idol and God gave them a boon, the statue was established by Guru and Vayu Due to this, this place will be known as Guruvayoor.

Since then, this holy site is famous by this name.

According to another belief, this temple was built by Vishwakarma himself, and the temple was constructed in such a way that the first rays of the sun fell directly on the feet of the Lord’s Guruvayas.

There is special worship and worship of the idol of Lord Krishna installed in the temple, the idol of Lord Krishna lying in the sanctum sanctorum here is worshiped only by the legislation directed by Adi Shankara, the Vedic tradition is prescribed in the temple, and worship of Shiva after worship. Has special significance.

Worshiping Lord Guruvayur is not considered complete without worshiping them.

The temple is also famous for its festivities.

Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha has special importance here and at this time a festival is organized here.

Guruvayoor Temple

And with this, the festival of Vilakshu Ekadashi is also celebrated.
Traditional dance of Karnataka music and other Kerala dance is organized in the temple, and weddings take place almost every day.

Every day free food is provided to the devotees in the temple.

This temple has a lot of importance from the mythological and religious point of view, it is very strictly implemented regarding the dress.

Men wear the traditional lungi of Kerala called mundu, and women wear sarees or salwar suits.

It is forbidden to enter the temple wearing any other garment.
This temple is also known as Dwarka of the world.

Guruvayoor Temple

The ritual of Tula-Bharam is also celebrated in the temple.
Out of all the types of donations mentioned in the scriptures, Tula-Bharam is the best.

If you also want to do Tula-Bharam then you must first register in the temple.

In this ritual, a man weighs with himself something like fruits, fruits, and grains in the temple, and according to his weight, the object is donated.

Some time ago, our present Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had done this ritual when he donated as many lotus flowers as his weight.

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